Oct 13, 2018

Thailand's 20 year strategic plan enacted

Today, October 13, 2018, the Royal Gazette published the announcement of Thailand's 20-year strategic plan for national development.

News source: Thai Post
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addendum: my translation of the related news.

On October 14, 2018, spokesman of the office of the Prime Minister said, the Prime Minister said as follows on the 20 years National Strategy (2018-2037, B.E. 2561-2580),  as it was announced in the Royal Gazette yesterday, is the first one of Thailand. Everyone must bring it into practice according to the vision of stability, wealth, sustainability, so that (Thailand) becomes a developed country on the basis of self-sufficient philosophy (of the late King Rama IX). 

The PM urged the media and every citizen to study and understand the plan, as well as the linked national reformation plan. The 5 year period from now is considered the most crucial. The present government has its duty to follow the framework, although (implementation details) be adjustable to suit (changing) situations. The present government has no intention to continue its power (via the plan.)

The (enacted) national strategy would serve as the master (development) plan for various ministries, in order to have clear directions, to have suitable budgets, with assessment report to come through the government to the national strategy commission, and to the country reformation commission. Any potential problems to be solved (for the country) must respond to (the issue on) sustainability of the country.

Benefits to the people are that every Thai citizen would be developed on every side, in every age group, (to ensure that they) have virtue, are skillful, are of high quality, have equality, and participate with the government sector. Meanwhile, the private sector could also use the plan as a guide to conduct their businesses.

PM emphasized that Thailand must escape from the so-called middle-income trap, and every facet of development must be balanced.  The 6 sides of development strategy are:- security, competitiveness, development, and promotion of human resources, the creation of more opportunities and social equality, the creation of growth on life quality which is environmentally friendly, and adjustment of balance and develop service management of the government sector.

News source in Thai: Manager

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