Nov 30, 2013

News on recent Thai constitution court 's verdict translated into English

The Recent verdict given by Thailand's Constitution Court toward falsification of draft bill by government politicians and members of the parliaments has just been translated into English by a volunteer, posted to ASTV Manager website.

I have not checked for accuracy of his translation though.
Yet, perhaps this would help remedy an earlier lack of English details which had caused misunderstandings among foreign reporters and international people interested in Thailand's situations.

Masked men temporarily disrupted Thailand's Internet service

Today, an unknown group of masked men, pretended to be protestors, stormed into the CAT's Bangrak building in downtown Bangkok before arrival of government protestors. They disrupted power supplies, causing widespread Internet blackout in Thailand for a period of time. It 's possible that they wanted to lay blame of the outage to the group of protestors. A side effect is also to disrupt online communications among protestors.

Ref: Manager

Nov 28, 2013

Some of Thailand MOF's servers were down

Nov 27, 2013. Thailand's Ministry of Finance's GFMIS (Government Fiscal Management System) and E-GP (e-Government Procurement) system reportedly were offlined.
This was believed to be related to a recent occupation of the Ministry by protestors of the government since the servers were located in the Ministry compound.
It is expected that this failure might cause a 1 month delay of government's bill payments until January 2014.

Ref: Blognone

Nov 27, 2013

A University president fired today for falsifying activities

Nov 27, 2013, Council of KMITL reportedly fired the University Rector (or University President) today after an investigative committee reported that he adjusted grades for his son, who studied in the same University, in 8 subjects, and he ordered acceptance of 48 pro-government politicians into Ph.D. programs under an unusual circumstance. Those were mainly representatives from the present government's Puathai Party, including a sister of Mr. Thaksin, and pro-Thaksin red-shirt political movement leaders. 

Ref: Naewna 

Nov 24, 2013

Overseas Thai students boycotted visiting deputy PM

Thai students studying at Oxford University submitted an open letter declining to meet a Thai Deputy Prime Minister of  the current Yingluch government who was visiting the institution. However they did not organize any protest, as they said, for the sake of the University and Thai community.

Ref: Nation

Booby traps used against political travellers from the south

Buses and vans carrying passengers from the south hoping to join a major protest against the government in Bangkok last night (Sat, Nov 23, 2013) were seriously delayed by nails spreaded on the highway near Chumphon,  hit by stones thrown to break wind shields, blocked by police checkpoints and trucks.

Ref: Manager

Nov 7, 2013

Money stolen from accounts via bugged ATM machines

Some ATM machines in Bangkok were found installed with skimmer device by international criminals. Around 40 people reported their cash withdrawn from their accounts in foreign countries.

Ref: Manager

Nov 6, 2013

Various sectors join in nation wide protest against Amnesty bill

After the recent passing of a general amnesty bill by Thailand's House of Representative, aiming to give a clean history of Mr. Thaksin from sentenced corruption cases and to pave way for a return of around 60 billion Baht confiscated asset judged to be obtained illegally and taxes to him, the bill is now in the hand of Thailand's Senate.  If the Senate passed the bill, surely a petition would likely be launched to the Constitution Court to decide.

Apart from many protests held by thousands of people in several locations in Bangkok, there are protests in many provinces.  In addition, many groups have come out to protest againt it, including University professors and students from nation-wide institutions, rural doctors from many provinces, government enterprise worker unions, bussiness groups.

Ref: Manager

Regarding a group of 63 judges who under-signed an announcement against the amnesty bill, spokesman of the Office of the Judicial Courts said that it was acceptable since they came out to voice their opinions as private citizens.

Ref: Manager

Dean and members of the Faculty of Laws, Thammasat University came out against the principles of the Amnesty Bill.

Ref: Manager

How Thailand could improve her IT business environment ?

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, gave a talk at Google Big Tent Thailand 2013 conference in Bangkok on November 5, 2013. He suggested that Thailand could improve her IT business status in 4 ways :- a) building the country's (IT) ecosystem, b) producing more IT personnels, c) issuing 4G licenses quickly, d) having political stability.

Ref: Manager