Oct 21, 2013

October 21 - Tree Loving Day in Thailand

Commemorating the birthday anniversary of the late Princess Mother (born October 21, 1900), who actively involved in Thailand's reforestation efforts, October 21 has been designated as Thailand's National Tree Loving Day.  Activities were organized at Doi Tung (= Flag Mountain) 's working area in Chiang Rai, her original site, by the Forestry Department and the National Park Department.

Oct 15, 2013

Former Deputy PM and Finance Minister opposed Rice pawning program

Former Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Finance MInister, Pridiyathorn Devakula, estimated that Thailand government of PM Yingluck has lost 425 billion Bahts of budget money for 2 years of the rice buying program.  He estimated that over 110 billion Bahts had gone into pockets of non-farmers.
He also submitted an open letter to the PM asking her to discontinue the program and use other methods to help farmers instead.

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Petroleum conglomerate try to silence Thai media

According to Thailand's news media, Thai government has so far turned blind eyes on the recent oil leak in the guilf of Thailand and its ecological impacts due to error from PTTGC.  Meanwhile, PTTEP group tried to shut up news of the impacts by sending threat of legal action to some Thai media if they continue reporting on the issues.

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Anti-government protesters retreated due to extremely itchy plant

A group of anti-Thaksin protestors camping at the Uropongs intersection near the government house were forced to retreat by an unconventional means. Late last night, while protesters were sleeping, someone dispersed cowhage or velvet beans, known in Thai as หมามุ่ย , a plant that can cause severe itching and irritations near them along a street distance of 100 meter. The group retreated to other locations. A few people were hospitalized. Next morning, workers from Bangkok Metropolitant Administration cleaned and washed the area.

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Oct 12, 2013

Thailand and China bilateral agreements on financial swap and visa exemption

Visiting Chinese Prime Minister said China plans to establish a Yuan Clearing Bank in Thailand to cope with business transactions between Thailand and China.  Bilateral trades are expected to top 100 Billion USD by year 2015. For Thailand, China is now the largest trading partner.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck, said Thailand and China have also agreed on elimination of tourist visas between citizens of the two countries. In 2013, 5 million Chinese citizens are expected to visit Thailand.

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Oct 11, 2013

Customer Protection Action on complaint cars

Thailand's Consumer Protection Agency ordered Chevrolet Thailand Co. to officially test customers' cars claimed to be defective for 5 days at Kangkrachan Racing Circuit, Petchaburi province.

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Oct 7, 2013

30% of government's procured tablets for Thai primary school went to repair

The Office of the Auditor General found that around 30% (258,000 tablets) of the low cost tablets distributed by the Thailand government to grade 1 students under the one tablet per child program went to repair and the supplier could not service the tablets in a timely manner as specificed in the contract.

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Oct 3, 2013

Commission to investigate 'forged' draft constitution amendment

A Thai senator asked a parliamentary commission to investigate unusual modifications of draft constitution amendment that had not passed previous voting, esp. on an addition of an exception clause for the current senators to be eligible for the next round of senator election. The investigative commission would invite the secretary of the House of Representative as well as government whip to explain to discrepancies in 2 versions of the draft.

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Is Thailand's one tablet per child program a failure ?

A government agency is contemplating on giving a 3,000 Baht voucher to each school student to choose and buy ablet instead of handling out a tablet in the future. If parents want better quality tablet for their child they have to pay extra.
Some Thais opined this as a failure.

Read (mainly IT apt) people's comments (in Thai) here : Blognone

Thai Prime Minister went abroad 50 times in just 2 year

PM Yingluck was criticized in the media for her excessive travelling abroad of 50 trips to 40 countries using taxpayers' money during her first 2 year of premiership. 

Some people noticed some close coincidences between her trips and those of her brother and former PM.

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