May 17, 2013

Protest planned against Minister of Science

Thai scientists and officials of various organizations under Thailand's Ministry of Science plan to dress in black to protest the current Puer Thai Party's Minister of Science on May 20, 2013, for a number of his indiscreet actions and his planned cutting of research budget for science and technology by 30% from next fiscal year (October 2013).

Ref: Prasong

May 16, 2013

Online protest against PM Yingluck and her government started

A group of Thai people launched "Thai Spring" online rally to voice their opposition to PM Yingluch, esp. for her recent fact-twisting talk in Mongolia, and actions of her government, which tried to white-wash former PM Thaksin from criminal verdicts.

Ref: Manager 

May 15, 2013

Thai government will buy 1.6 million Tablets for students

Another batch of tablets for students under the Thailand government's one-tablet-per-child program, to be called for bidding in June 2013, would cover 1.6 million tablets for P1 (grade 1) and M1 (grade 7) students.
Office of the primary education expected more course wares would come out this year than last year's.

Ref: Daily News

May 14, 2013

THAICOM 6 delayed to launch in Q3 or Q4 of 2013

A new communication satellite, THAICOM 6, due to be sent to the position at 78.5 degree east, has been delayed until Q3 or Q4 of 2013.  Currently, around 60% of channels have been booked.

Ref: Prachachat

Beach erosion in an area of Thailand's west coast

A beach in Phang Nga province, Bang Nien beach, has suffered from serious beach erosion due to strong high waves from Andaman Sea.  Damage on the 13 km long beach has adversely affected local tourist  resorts.

Ref: Manager news

May 11, 2013

Plan to dissolve 14,000 rural schools opposed

Local teachers, educational scholars, and the public have expressed strong oppositions to a plan by the Minister of Education to dissolve rural schools that have small number of students across the country.

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May 9, 2013

Police caught foreign tourists using counterfeit cards

Two eastern Europeans were caught with 27 faked electronic cards after they have been using those to withdraw money from various automatic teller machines in Pattaya area for the past 1 month and caused multi-million Baht loss for Thai Banks.

Ref: Matichon news

May 6, 2013

Democrat Party corrected statements on recent Thai PM's speech abroad

Thailand's Democrat Party is about to distribute a declaration in both English and Thai languages rectifying the recent speech given by the Thai Prime Minister in Mongolia. The document will be distributed to various news agencies, diplomatic missions, and various organizations.

May 5, 2013

Media mogul blasted the Prime Minister

A media mogul who formerly headed the yellow shirt movement against Thaksin government remarked that the Prime Minister, a younger sister of Mr. Thaksin, has used her talk in a foreign land to make falsifying propaganda statements in an attempt to cover her elder brother's wrongdoings.  He claimed that the current government is not democratic but a parliamentary authoritarian which rifted with corruptions.

ICT Minister to fight with defamatory remarks against PM

Thailand's minister of Information Communication Technology held a press conference to threaten strong criminal actions, both jail terms and fines, against people who bad-mouth about the Thai Prime Minister.  Defamatory websites will be blocked. His reponse is apparently in response to buzzing remarks and calling her bad names by the public about the Prime Minister recent speech in Mongolia which contained a number of distorted facts.

Some Thai people have remarked in the news commentary section that the minister has never taken such strong position against those insulting or falsifying information regarding the Monarch.

Ref : Manager news

Public opinions of people in 3 southern provinces of Thailand

Few days ago, Suan Dusit Poll surveyed over 500 people of the 3 southern provinces of Thailand and the result just came out. Around 36% considered the recent massacre of 6 innocent people by radical separatists as gruesome violence that might happen to them or anyone living in the area as well. Around 65 % could not accept BRN group's 5 conditions, saying that they don't have right to bargain.

Ref: translated from Manager news

The King has recovered

The Bureau of the Royal Household issued an announcement bulletin no. 65 on May 5, 2013, indicating that H.M. the King of Thailand is recovering from pulmonary infection. X-ray result showed a reduced inflammation. He could sleep well, but could not consume much. He has been administered an intra-venous antibiotic medication course. The doctor suggested that he refrained from royal ceremonial activities for a period of time.

Ref: translated from Manager news

May 3, 2013

Recent violence in south Thailand

'South bandits' sprayed bullets to kill and execute 6 innocent Buddhist villagers, including a 3 year old boy and his father, near a grocery shop on May 2, 2013, in Pattani province, southern Thailand. Police named possible suspects based on evidence and are hunting them.

Ref : Matichon