Nov 26, 2014

Thailand drafted MOU with China on high-speed train routes

Thai cabinet approved a MOU draft for development of trains between Thailand and China, using the 1.435 meter standard gauge track.  This will be submitted to the National Legislature to approve it before signing. The content deals with G-to-G cooperations in the construction of parallel tracks in the 731 km route (from Nong Khai - Nakhon Ratchasima - Kang Khoi - Mab Ta Phut port) and a 133 km route (Bangkok - Kang Khoi).

Ref Thai Publica

Thailand to attract multinationals to set up headquarters

Thai Cabinet approved measures to attract international companies to set up their headquarters in Thailand. There will be reduced tax and exemptions, and other non-tax incentives, equivalent to those of Singapore, effective January 2015. Many government agencies will improve regulations on visa, and work-permits. BOI would also set up a one-stop service on this matter.

Ref : Thai Publica

Nov 10, 2014

Villagers protect their last forest plot with cement fence

Villagers in Sisaket province, northeastern Thailand, donated their labors and money around 6 million Bahts to built 2 meter tall cement fence surrounding the last forest land they have, 600 Rai or around 1 sq km, from illegal logging activities.

Ref: Nation TV