Jun 1, 2014

AUA members replied to US's interference on Thailand

Committee and members of American University Alumni Association (AUA) made statements to the US government concerning its interference in Thailand's affairs.
They said, the Kingdom of Thailand has a long history, never was a colony of any western country. With the US's criticizing the political roadmap of Thailand, it is losing a lot of friends quickly. It 's time now that it respect its ally on equal term, not as its colony. Thailand will maintain its sovereign and freedom, and remain an honorable Kingdom.

The USA has had difficulties in the past history, for example its civil war took longer than 25 years.

The US's demand that Thailand spend time less than a year to reform indicated that it did not study fractures within our society. It is lucky for Thailand for we have not lost millions of people like the US did in its civil war.

Ref: My excerption and translation from Maticon