May 30, 2014

Thailand government budget proposed to be 2.6 trillion Baht

Thailand's MoF, Budget Bureau, NESDB, and BoT had a meeting to establish a budget framework for next fiscal year (BE) 2558, to start from October 1, 2014. The meeting agreed upon a 2.6 trillion Baht budget, with a 200 billion Baht budget deficit. Around 17% will be investment budgets.  The draft budget bill will be submitted to higher authority, and the next parliament.


May 26, 2014

Likely over 500 billion Baht lost for Rice Pledging

Report from the subcommittee for account closing for the Yingluck government 's rice pledging project revealed that Thailand likely has lost over 500 billion Baht, plus around 2.8 million tonnes of grains missing, and a portion of damaged grains yet to be determined.

Ref: Manager.

May 23, 2014

Another manifest of Thailand in the social network era

Thailand's Coup in this social network era even has its own Facebook (in Thai) to release official news.

Now the formerly helpless political situation in Thailand has been unlocked by the removal of acting Prime Minister who received order from overseas to hang-on with remnant of previous corrupted government, political reform can start soon. All free organizations under the previous constitutions are still functioning, although the constitution has been revoked.

May 7, 2014

Earthquakes in Chiang Rai

Recent 6.3 scale earthquake in Chiang Rai on the evening of Monday, May 5 2014 (B.E. 2557) was followed by over 200 aftershocks for the past 72 hours. Thousands of homes, buildings, Buddhist temples, were damaged. One person was killed when a wall collapsed.  Some road sections were cracked and subsided, esp. highway 118 linking Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Now a small dam in Mae Sruay district is threaten, while villagers reported leaking of muddy water from nearby water wells.

A tourist's favorite Wat Rongkhun, created by the famous Thai artist, Chalermchai Kositphipat, was also damaged and has been closed for the public. The artist said the temple was only 20 km from epicenter and it could take over 2 years to repair the mural painting and delicate decors, if the structures are found to be sound by engineers. Otherwise it has to be closed indefinitely.

Libraries of Chiang Mai University in the nearby province had their bookshelves toppled. Some people in high-rise building of Bangkok, some 700 km away, could notice the shaking.

The acting cabinet approved preliminary budget of 500 million Baht for disaster reliefs.

Ref: Multiple sources, including Nation Multimedia

Constitution Court ruled on PM Yingluck

Today, Thailand's Constitution Court read its decision that there were unlawful irregularities on PM Yingluck and her cabinet for transferring the former National Security Secretary to an inactive post, to pave way for transferring a former police chief into his position and thus pave way for a relative of her and Mr. Thaksin to take to the Chief Police post.
Thus the court ruled today that her current position as acting Prime Minister, including the acting ministers who voted with her on that case, are terminated.

Ref: Manager

May 3, 2014

Nonthaburi Durian at 10,000 Baht a fruit

With the recent infusion of sea water from the gulf of Thailand flowing upstream into Nonthaburi privince, well-known for its numerous varieties of Durians, a lot of Durian plants died due to 'salty' water. Now, a fruit of "Long Stem" variety of Durian from the province hit a record high market price of about 10,000 Baht per fruit.

Ref: Matichon

May 1, 2014

A grand worship

A business woman in Chiang Mai donated 99,999 jasmine garlands to worship a Buddha image, the 'Instant Buddha', for having recovered her recently lost money of 40 million Bahts within a week after she had vowed to do so in front of the Buddha image had she got her money returned.

Ref: Manager
My comment: I suppose the cost of the jasmine garlands must be at least a million Baht, based on the market price of at least 10 Baht per garland. Note that number '9' in Thai is an auspicious number, rhyming with a word which means 'stepping forward'.
This news reflect a Thai cultural beliefs and normal practice in the society by many Buddhists so I think it fits in this blog as well.