Jun 26, 2013

TV Channel censored news on government bidding irregularity

TV Channel 5 abruptly ended a news program attempting to report irregularity on the case of "K Water Resources Corp." which won 3 modules from Thai government to build flood ways and reservoirs with a budget of 164 billion Bahts.

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Jun 22, 2013

Devastatingly illegal fishings in gulf of Thailand are out of controlled

Green Peace announced after they have monitored the gulf of Thailand they found a lot of devastating fishing activities and illegal fishings in conservation zones. They call the Thai government to strictly enforce the law and establish a more efficient monitoring system or all the fish and marine animals will be mostly gone soon.

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Jun 14, 2013

Red shirts in Chiang Mai attacked demonstrators

A group of around 200 red shirts in Chiang Mai tried to prevent people wearing Guy Fawk white-masks from organizing their anti-Thaksin political activity. After the small group moved to another location, yet they were attacked by the red shirts.

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Jun 11, 2013

Many Thais named their newborn male babies after characters in popular TV soap operas

Minister of Interior gave information that over 1000 new male baby first names registered in the recent 3 months were named according to a series of TV drama centered around young fictional aristocrats, Radchanond (664 babies), Putthipat (412), Tharathorn (142), Pavornruj (112), Ronnapee (26), and Juthathep (30). These are new first names in use.

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Jun 9, 2013

Commerce Minister said he did not know magnitude of financial loss in rice grain pawning program

A former Thai Finance Minister in a previous government, wrote "he was about to faint" upon hearing news about answer of the current Minister of Commerce at a recent press conference that he did not know how much was the government's loss on rice grain 'pawning' because the government has not sold out the grain stock yet. The former minister argued that every organization must do accounting on a regular schedule, and that it would be a shame if the Ministry of Commerce has not used good accounting practice.
He guessimated that the loss was at least 200-300 billion Baht.

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