Dec 26, 2013

DSI reaffirmed its order to freeze bank accounts of protest leaders

Thailand's Deparment of Special Investigation (DSI) reaffirmed 4 Thai commercial banks of its order to freeze accounts of 38 people who were charged of acting as oppositional protest leaders agiant the present Yinglux government.

Earlier, 20 Thai banks had conformed to its order of DSI without any question, while remaining 4 banks still questioned the validity of the 'sedition' charges by the DSI to those people as unclear.

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Thailand opened bidding for HDTV and SD channels

Today, Thailand is having a bidding process for 7 HDTV channels and standard channels, up to 24 channels.

So far, the price for 7 HD channels went up to 23.7 billion Bahts.

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Mass dying of wild gaurs in Kuiburi National Park

Kuiburi national park in Southern Thailand is temporarily closed while officials investigated death of 16 gaurs (wild ox) of a 22 gaur flock. There are around 120 wild gaurs in many flocks in the park. So far, they have not found evidence of bullets or hunters.

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Dec 2, 2013

Thailand to test China's satellite navigation system

Thailand will be a first international customer of China's Beidou satellite navigation system. The 300 million USD deal had been signed earlier and will be tested in December 2013, will supplement the existing GPS system.

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