Jan 24, 2014

Buddhist monk and ranger killed by insurgents in southern Thailand

In Pattani province, 6 muslim insurgents on motorcycles attacked and kill a Buddhist monk on his way to morning alms. The monk and 1 accompanying paramilitary soldier were killed in a car, while another soilder and a villager were seriously wounded. Around 20 used M16 cartridges were found.

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Jan 23, 2014

Retired supreme court judge: Thai PM has no power to declare emergency

A retired supreme court judge pointed out that, according to the constitution of Thailand, the acting Prime Minister does not have the legal power to declare emergency situaion in Bangkok now that the parliament has been dissolved and the cabinet does not exist any more. In addition, the situation in Bangkok is not in line with the situation specified by the emergency situation law. In addition, the consitution court recently judged that the peaceful demonstration is rightful in the permission of the constitution.

Therefore, any executive orders referencing the declared emergency situation would be legally invalid.

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Jan 18, 2014

Southern route train track was sabotaged but quickly repaired

Southern railway near Cha-am station was broken by a bomb blast around 3 a.m. on Jan 18, 2014.  Some southern-route traines were delayed for several hours at nearby stations while the tacks were replaced but no one was injured.  It was believed that the sabotage was an attempt to impede southern people from joining the anti-government protests in Bangkok.

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Jan 16, 2014

2 Thailand ministers will be charged

National Counter Corruption Commision will file charge against 2 ministers in Yingluck 's cabinet over irregularities in rice pledging process and lack of G2G export to foreign countries as they said earlier. The PM will also be investigated over her negligence over the massive losses.

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Jan 12, 2014

Thailand Election Commission proposed postponement of general election

Thailand Election Commission said it had sent a letter to PM Yingluck giving an opinion to postpone the up-coming general election originally scheduled for February 2, 2014 to avoid several problems and make the election just, fair and clean. Meanwhile it said, unless the caretaking government revised the current election bill, the EC needed to follow the law and go ahead with the original schedule.

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Who lied ?

Latest news: Former Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva said he sent a letter to UN Secretary, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, informing him that the current Thai PM, Ms. Yingluch, had lied to Mr. Mun on several points, and stated the facts.

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