Dec 23, 2015

Thailand to put 3.755 Billion Bahts for digital economy drive

Thai cabinet authorized 3.755 Billion Baht budgets for digital economy drive projects as proposed by ICT Ministry.

6 facet of the objectives are
    ⁃    promote use of digital technology in SMEs, in e-tourism cluster and new start-ups
    ⁃    support quality society for the people to use digital technology wisely and responsibility, toward digital society, and access to media and knowledge and government's e-services
    ⁃    develop e-services for digital government, transforming work flow into digital one, facilitate government service by reducing steps, making the process quickly, transparent, availability for auditing.
    ⁃    develop  computer and network infrastructure to be updated, stable, can respond to crisis situations, and support integrated-service in the future, expanding broad-band links to serve needs in suitable (affordable) price.
    ⁃    develop cities / areas to bring digital technology to apply in improving quality of life for the people, and socioeconomic aspects (smart city)
    ⁃    develop human resource for digital world (digital age workforce).

Examples of projects are
    Project to develop community digital network
    Project to develop basic computer and network infrastructure
    Project to build quality society with digital technology
    Project to promote use of digital technology in SMEs
    Project to develop digital service in government
    Project to develop human resources for digital work
    Project to develop smart city
    Project to support management of projects to drive digital socioeconomy.

Translated from Blognone

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  1. N.B. A number of Thai users have commented on the original Thai news excerpt expressed their concerns about 'the single gateway' idea, a.k.a. 'the great firewall' for content censorship, that might be buried somewhere in those projects.