Dec 22, 2012

Thailand's Sahafarms will invest 10 Billion Bahts new poultry facility expansion

Sahafarms, Thailand's largest exporter of frozen chicken meat, has just opened a new facility in Chiang Rai. Its aim is to increase production capacity by 200,000 chicken per day, with an investment of 10 Billion Baht in 2013. The increased production has already been booked for the next 7 years by buyers from Malaysia.  A plot of land around 4,000 acres (10,000 Rais) in Chiang Khong district was planned in total. So far, the company has obtained around half of the area they seeked. A corn silo has been built in order to purchase corns from farmers in the area, and possibly from Lao farmers as well.

Last year, the company produced around 365 million hatched chickens, 456 million eggs, and 350 million grown up chickens.

Ref: - Chiang Mai Business News

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