Dec 29, 2012

Thailand's public finance and debt status as of 2012

The Fiscal Policy Office of the Ministry of Finance indicated that, for fiscal year B.E. 2555 (startging October 2011-September 2012), the government's expense had a deficit of 264.5 Billion Baht (2.2% of GDP), an increase of 8.9 Billion Baht year on year. 

Office of the public Dept revealed that the public debt as of October 31, B.E. 2555 (2012), was at 4,827.3 Billion Bahts, or about 43.27% of GDP, a reduction of 109.9 Billion Baht year on year.  Of this, the debt which belongs to the government amounted at 3,402.4 Billion Baht, a reduction of 112.5 Billion Baht, and the debt for non-finance public agencies amounted to 1,052.3 Billion Baht, a reduction of 11.9 Billion Bahts.

Details in the link below (in Thai language) :-

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