Dec 29, 2012

Thailand to expand reforestation plan in the north

News from Royal Initiative Project (under HM the King). ML Disnadda Devekula, Secretary of the Pidthong Foundation indicated that the foundation has a reforestation plan to plant 800 million tree saplings, and 150 million Vetiver shrubs, and 2810 water-retention mini-dams in Northern Thailand. The Mae Fah Luang Foundation and Pidthong Foundation (whose name means affixing gold leafs behind a Buddha image, i.e. even others can't see upfront) plan to use own budgets in producing the seedlings in preparation for the government expanded project starting 2013.

The secretary suggested that we have to take holistic approach. Local communities must also get benefits, i.e. people must be able to use or harvest some (fruit) products from it otherwise local people would not look after the newly reforested areas.

ref : news from Isranews

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