Dec 22, 2012

First post for Thailand Development Chronicle

I have been interest in keeping track of progress of development of my community and country in order to look forward to a better future.  So this blog should serve as a central location of information, data and news I found interesting from heterogenous sources where I (we) can easily keep track of agendas and go back to the original references for details.

Summary in English that I plan to write will help make the original contents in Thai language more accessible to international audience. The English summary will also benefit Thai people as well since data mining in Thai language is still at its infancy compare to a much advance stage in English. So having the summaries in English for Thai full-text information will facilitate information locating and retrieving of original Thai text by simply searching for them in English in this blog.

Please note that I intend to write my own English summary in order to not violating others' copyrights.  Proper citation to the source I use will always be given in the form of web-links whenever possible. If you use my summaries in your writings, I would appreciate if you kindly provide proper citation credit to me in your article or web.

The scope of this blog will include not only Thailand's mega projects on infrastructures, hardwares but also human development, education, and abstract issues such as moral values. I may add some politics related news to give ideas to outsiders on the current situation and development (or de-development) of political situations.

I currently think it will cite online (and perhaps some offline) sources.
If I can't resist, I might add some short remarks on top of a summary, in italics.

I hope in the future, there would be others who might share similar interests would come by to give useful, positive, and sincere comments on various issues that I post.

Please feel welcomed to give comments in either English or Thai, but please patiently wait for my moderation before your message appears to filter out spams.  Abusive / non-constructive / hatred comments will also not be accepted, otherwise I have no intention to edit your remarks.

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