Feb 18, 2014

Thai Prime Minister to be formally charged of unlawful misconducts

Thailand's Counter-Corruption Commission has issued a summon to the Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to meet the commissioners on February 27, 2014, so that she can be notified of their charge for a gross neglicence on wide-spread corruptions in the rice pledging process which led to financial losses around 200 Billion Baht.

An excerpt from a statement from the CCC said, when she was notified of the irregularities and negative impacts of the project by a letter from the office of government financial inspection, she still insisted on going ahead with the project.  In addition, a large number of farmers have not received money and are in serious plights. So she has demonstrated an intentional avoidance to take action which has caused damage to the royal government, according to the Criminal Act's article 157, and intentional violation of Thailand's Constitution article 178, which can be used as a cause for impeachment by article 270.
So the commissiioners unanimously called for Ms. Yingluch to be present in person to hear the charge.

Ref: Manager

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