Feb 7, 2014

Poll statistics suggested anti-government supporters won the general election

A Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) researcher announced his discovery, based statistics of the recent February 2, 2014, general election as released by the Election Commission, that supporters of the pro-Thaksin Puea Thai party has reduced to only 10 million votes, down from 15 million votes 3 years ago. Only 46.7 % of 43 million eligible voters went to nation-wide polling stations.

Meanwhile, over 3.33 million people who ticked 'vote no' in the ballots, together with invalid and damaged ballots (2.42 millions), and unusually large number of 22.89 million absentees above a base line, predicted a support base of the demonstrators opposing the pro-Thaksin government at 16.3 million votes.

Ref: Manager

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