Feb 16, 2014

Thai people turned against GSB for 20 billion Baht interbank loan to BAAC

Thailand's Government Savings Bank admitted that it just gave a 20 billion Baht interbank loan to Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative (BAAC), currently under financial stress due to PM Yingluck government's policy. Many people believed that the money would be channeled to partially pay government promise to protesting farmers under the rice pledging project, widely regarded to be a corrupted policy initiated by former PM Thaksin and implemented by the Puea Thai government.

Many Thai customers have started their social media campaigns to boycott the GSB and withdrawing deposited cash. GSB Workers Union has also issued an open letter calling for cancellation of the Interbank loan and immediately get back the fund. GSB employees in the south planned to dress in black to protest.

Ref : Manager

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