Nov 6, 2013

Various sectors join in nation wide protest against Amnesty bill

After the recent passing of a general amnesty bill by Thailand's House of Representative, aiming to give a clean history of Mr. Thaksin from sentenced corruption cases and to pave way for a return of around 60 billion Baht confiscated asset judged to be obtained illegally and taxes to him, the bill is now in the hand of Thailand's Senate.  If the Senate passed the bill, surely a petition would likely be launched to the Constitution Court to decide.

Apart from many protests held by thousands of people in several locations in Bangkok, there are protests in many provinces.  In addition, many groups have come out to protest againt it, including University professors and students from nation-wide institutions, rural doctors from many provinces, government enterprise worker unions, bussiness groups.

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Regarding a group of 63 judges who under-signed an announcement against the amnesty bill, spokesman of the Office of the Judicial Courts said that it was acceptable since they came out to voice their opinions as private citizens.

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Dean and members of the Faculty of Laws, Thammasat University came out against the principles of the Amnesty Bill.

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