Sep 28, 2013

Protests against construction of a dam in a pristine National Park

A prominent media mogul and a former leader of yellow shirt movement  has blasted the planed construction of the Maewong dam as ugly project benefiting some corrupted governmental politicians. He also attacked mainstream media for not adhering to the public interest and protect our home land.

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Today, Thai TV channel 9 banned an episode in the popular documentary program "Man in search of Man", or คนค้นคน. The banned espisode entitled "Mr. Sasin Chalermlarb: 388 km walk from the jungle to the capital city", refering to Mr. Sasin's leading of a group marathon-walking to protest the planned construction of Maewong dam in the Maewong National Park". An old episode on another person would be rerun instead. Many people created an uproar on online social media believing Thai government 's interference.

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Meanwhile, when reporters went after the producer and narrator of the popular documentary program for an interview, he said nothing but simply put strips of black masking tape over his mouth, eyes, ears, as a gesture.

Ref: Manager

The banned episode is now available via Youtube

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