Aug 23, 2013

Use of new Thai font designs in Apple iOS 7 created controversy among users

Many Thai people have voiced their concern of new Thai fonts, as seen in Apple iPhone 's iOS 7 and its website, which lack 'head' part as unconventional and made the Thai alphabets difficult to read.

Traditionally, Thai alphabets mostly have a small circle in each character which serves as writing's start point. Its replacement into a tiny bar in this set of designs made some characters less prominent compare to some others with similar shape.

Ref: Blognone


  1. I just updated to iOS7 and the default Thai font really is highly modern and difficult to read. Is there any possibility of a. changing from the default or b. asking Apple for a change?

  2. That can be expected, Dave. I am sorry that I don't have answer for your question. Perhaps you can send your question or comment to Apple.