Apr 23, 2013

Thailand Ministry of Finance reported better government balance

Ministry of Finance reported that, for the first half of the fiscal year B.E. 2556 (starting October 2012) the government of Thailand had income of 957.192 billion Baht, a 17.9% higher than the same period of the previous fiscal year.
Spending rates of government agencies was 1,371.578 billion Baht, or 8.1 % higher than last year's, which is considered better.
Budget balance deficit was 414.386 billion Baht, plus 115.556 or ex-budget deficit, resulted in the government having a cash deficit of 529.942 billion Bahts. The government had seeked loan of 163.758 billion Baht, as such the cash deficit was 366.184 billion Baht.
The reserve status at the end of March 2013, as 194.153 billion Baht, or 160.5% higher than last year's.

Ref: Prachachat newspaper

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