Mar 10, 2013

Thailand to revise primary school education curriculum

Advisor to Thailand's Minister of Education recently gave a talk indicating that the core school curriculum of B.E. 2551 (2008) is based on the basic curriculum of B.E. 2544 (2001) therefore quite outdated. A revision committee will spend 6 months revising it. An aim is to reduce the time students spent in classes. Currently, Thai primary school children study on average 1000 hr per year in classes which is too high. UNESCO study suggested that only 800 hr per year would give better result.  Subjects taught would also be adjusted to suit age groups.  More emphasis will be on students' project works and self-learning. A 5 prong strategy will be used, curriculum improvement, teacher improvement, setting up of STEME (science, technology, engineering, math, English) in every province, use of ICT in education, structural reforms.

Deputy Prime Minister said in another speech that an emphasis will be on thinking ability, and reducing number of hours in classes.

Ref: Thai Post

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