Jan 18, 2013

Thailand high-speed train to bid in September 2013

Director of the Office for Transportation and Traffic Planning revealed that 3 routes for the high-speed train have been evaluated by consultants, namely the Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima, and Bangkok-Hua Hin routes. 

The Chiang Mai route would be build between Bangkok and Pitsanulok first (382 km). 
They hope details for all routes would be finalized in May, and environmental impact assessment would be conducted. It is hope that the bidding for the electric train system would be help in September 2013, while bidding for civil engineering structures would be called later.  The budget for the first phase investment wass projected to be  around 327 billion Baht, already covered within the framework of the 2.2 trillion Baht Fiscal Loan Act.

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